domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

The program of BAC was properly organized! From USA

For 2 months I collaborated with BAC in order to work with the non-profit cookie factory Alfajores Porteñitos. The company makes delicious cookies and uses all the profits to support children living in the working class community of La Boca. Working with Alfajores Porteñitos was a great way to get a better feel of life in Argentina because I got to wake up and go to work everyday, (except in this case the work was making cookies,) interact with locals, drink Mate, play with kids, and help out the community. The program was properly organized, and I never once felt completely lost. The people on both sides (BAC & Alfajores) were sweet and welcoming, and I would recommend the internship to anyone who is looking for something simple and rewarding.
Bryce Guske, University of Washington, USA,

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