martes, 23 de septiembre de 2008

I highly recommend this internship program of BAC ! From USA

Hello All! I came to Buenos Aires two years after graduating to improve my command of the Spanish language and to gain a professional experience in the financial industry. These were two clear goals that I set for myself before my trip to Buenos Aires. I was placed with BAC in a financial consultancy nameng Consulting for me during the 8 weeks I stayed there. BAC and the people there were all a huge help to me. I learned an incd Bankiredible amount about specific segments of the financial industry Services which proved to be an incredible learning experiencein Argentina and now have a great understanding of how the consulting industry works. I worked directly with financial professionals and did REAL WORK – something that others told me to be skeptical of. I highly recommend this internship program of BAC and this city. I suppose only downside was watching the all American banks bite the dust from another hemisphere.
Joe Petrides, Michigan USA,

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