jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

"An other experience in Argentina…but the end was perfect! FROM

So my first experience to Buenos Aires, Argentina was not quite what I would have expected. My boyfriend and I were coming from Bolivia to leave and go home. We had been in a bus for three days, and the bus company had arranged for a taxi to take us to central Buenos Aires. When we got out of the cab we went into the internet, we were only there for about a minute. We got up to pay and realized that we had left our money belt (with all of our money, passports, and credit cards) in the cab. We had only 1 peso on us, barely enough to pay for the internet that we had used. We walked around hoping to find a police station only to find out that when we got there we were told that there was nothing they could do unless we could find someone on the streets to give us 10 pesos. We ended up going back to the corner where the taxi had dropped us off hoping that the taxi driver would drive by with our stuff. Thinking that the taxi driver had maybe through the money belt out the window my boyfriend walked around the corner leaving me on the corner with all of our stuff (which I was balling my eyes out). At that moment Koen a traveler form Holland came around the corner saw me standing there and asked what was wrong. He took us back to Caryna an Argentine lady who runs a residence for students the BAC’s house. She let us use her phone and her computer and even had a room for us to stay in until we had gotten money and figured everything out. If it were not for Caryna, Koen, and the other travelers who made us feel welcome and helped us out we would have been sleeping on the street. This lady did more for us then our own embassy. Staying in this BAC’s house has been such a delightful experience not once did we feel like we did not belong.

JenniferMaguire y Chris Chilton, USA jennifernmcguire@gmail.com


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